Loop ‘n’ Loot

Tidspunkt: 12/11/2022 - 11:00 - 13:50

  • Arrangør: Olivier Chateau
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Loop ‘n’ Loot is a poker-inspired, roguelite Roleplaying Game. Conflict resolutions are settled only with cards and easy-to-grasp combinations that take inspiration from poker, such as “Pair” and “Flush”. Roguelite is a popular video game genre, and has been digested in a pen & paper experience that follow these principles:

  • Permanent Death – When your character reaches 0 Life Force, it dies. No save, no second chance. Actually, when a character in the party dies, the whole party dies! Don’t worry, dying is part of the journey.
  • Reset – When your character dies, you keep your traits but lose all your equipment and money as your Soul reincarnates into a new body. Starting Gear, Spells, Items and Attributes are randomly generated.
  • Level-less – You can do anything you want, regardless of your experience or where you are. The system was thought to make your actions and creativity shine more than your character’s statistics.

Loop ‘n’ Loot is currently in Early Access, open to a broader audience and public playtest. At conventions, visitors will be able to test the game system along with an early version of a procedurally generated dungeon built for the Loop ‘n’ Loot System: Maze of the 4 Queens.

Loop ‘n’ Loot emphasizes fun and de-dramatizes death in RPG. No prior knowledge of the game is required: just come in, sit down and enjoy exploring the maze. Die and loop a couple of times along the way before (hopefully) grabbing the loot. Character pamphlets, pens and decks of cards will be provided for the demo. (Note: Play sessions are run in English.)


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