D&D 5E: The Brightest Light…

Tidspunkt: 11/11/2022 - 17:30 - 22:30

  • Arrangør: Thomas Ramsli Rasmussen
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Every twenty-one years, the great cathedral at Caer Solais bears witness to a great miracle: their sun god, Aurinor, descends from his celestial abode and takes physical form to bestow his grace upon the faithful. This year, at the invitation of an old friend, your party is present, eager for some rest and restitution. It’s just a shame that the miracle is interrupted most awkwardly by Aurinor’s sudden assassination.

Now, the cathedral’s gates are closed, the sky remains dark, and panic spreads through the streets. Desperate for an answer to this blasphemous crime, your party is called upon to solve the murder of a god, and unravel whatever sinister conspiracy lies beneath.


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