Og: Big Fire Rock

Tidspunkt: 27/10/2019 - 10:00 - 13:00

  • Arrangør: Thomas Ramsli Rasmussen
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It’s not easy being a shaman, especially not when you’re a caveman with a vocabulary between three and six words, a penchant for forgetting that the pretty fire actually does hurt, and the expectation of an entire tribe of equally incompetent cavemen that you solve all their problems with miracles.

So when a nearby volcano is rumbling ominously, and the surrounding caveman tribes are eyeing it nervously, they’ve grabbed all their shamans and enthusiastically prodded the lot of you into grunting and chanting your hearts out, and making the Big Fire Rock go back to sleep.

What could possibly go wrong?


Vi har stengt forhåndspåmeldinga. Det vil likevel være plass til folk som ikke er påmeldt på de fleste arrangementene. Det vil vanligvis være plass hvis du møter opp når arrangementet starter.