Call of Cthulhu: Much Ado About Magic, or, A Comedy of Cultists

Tidspunkt: 25/10/2019 - 17:30 - 21:30

  • Arrangør: Thomas Ramsli Rasmussen
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The Stars Are Right, and the True and Faithful Cultists are gathered to do their yearly homage to their Great and Terrible God, with magic and sacrifice…

So it’s a little bit awkward that the High Priest is nowhere to be found, that the Blasphemous Litany is written in an obscure dialect of Aramaic, that the Runes of N’kalos probably shouldn’t be inscribed upside-down, and that no-one is sure if the Unholy Hour of Trembling Chanting is at two A.M. or two P.M.

It’s time to put on your hooded robe, pick up your curved dagger, and get this ritual done properly, while the baleful Stars overhead are getting Righter by the minute.


Vi har stengt forhåndspåmeldinga. Det vil likevel være plass til folk som ikke er påmeldt på de fleste arrangementene. Det vil vanligvis være plass hvis du møter opp når arrangementet starter.